Author Topic: Playing Video Over WiFi Problems  (Read 2146 times)

January 26, 2012, 12:56:00 AM
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Ok - here's a stange one.  I've had this unit for 6 months now - working perfectly.  All of a sudden, it decides it won't play the majority of my video files over wifi - but if I put them on a USB stick and plug directly into the unit, it plays them no problem at all.

The unit recognises the directories and lists all the video files in each directory - but the thumbnail is just the standard video image and the file type shows unknown.  When I choose a file to play, it tries, then says it's an unrecognised format and can't play, please check manual.

However, as mentioned before - if I put this file on a USB stick, and plug directly into the unit - it will play with no problem at all.

The MKV files are muxed with various releases of the program v3.0 through to v5....  I have seen threads that the version of muxing can be an issue - but don't think it's the problem in this case.

If anyone can suggest what might be happening, or how to fix - I'd be eternally grateful!

P.S.  I have tried factory reset and push the reset button on the top of the unit - both with no success.

January 26, 2012, 03:27:30 AM
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You MKVs can't be the problem if they play correctly from an attached USB.  Unfortunately I can't help much but maybe for others you could specify the firmware you are using.  The revision, factory or custom etc....
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January 27, 2012, 08:36:26 PM
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I was running the latest firmware 1.06.15 - and I just reverted back to 1.05.04.  It played one file fine, but now won't play any other files.

I'm at a loss !!!