Author Topic: WDTV "There is no media in the current folder", yes there is. My solution  (Read 8284 times)

January 01, 2012, 05:38:52 PM
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Problem: Message "There is no media in the current folder" on the Network Shares [NOT on Media Servers], but shared folders contain media files.
I found this forum where the author was having this No Media message problem with Media Servers with his Music folder.
I have this problem too but it never bothered me because I never use WDTV for music.
Anyway here's the link for the solution for No Media problem for MEDIA SERVERS:

WDTV live acquired on: 22-Jan-2011. So I guess it's the WDTV Live v1.
Firmware version: 1.06.16_B, the latest as of today 1-Jan-2012.
Computer operating system: Windows 7

Considering that you have already shared your folders successfully and that you can see and access your shared folders from other computers [if you have other computers to validate].
Or if not, go to Windows Explorer > Network > your computer name > your shared folders will appear there.

1. On WDTV, go to Settings > Network Settings >
1.1. Auto login to network share: Off
1.1. Clear login info for network share

2. On Windows 7, go to Start button > right click My Computer > Manage > Local Users and Groups > Users
2.1. Right click blank area in right pane > New User > create an easy-to-type short username such as A [just the letter A] and an equally easy password. I did A for the username and A for password, lowercase.

3. Go to WDTV > Video > Network shares > your computer name
Now it will ask you for the login.
By default the word anonymous is already typed as the username.

4. Change the username from anonymous to \a (that is, backslash followed by the letter A) > Submit.
This bitch backslash is very important.
I went through hell until I figured out I had to type the backslash before the username and, funny enough, I've never read any forum where anyone mentioned it, not even Western Digital telephone tech support.
If backslash doesn't work, try the forward slash.

5. Type the password, which is just a lowercase letter A.

6. That's all. The end

I had read copiously about this problem [No Media message] until I found a forum where a guy recommended clearing the Network Login on WDTV.
But no one has ever mentioned the need for the backslash for the user login from WDTV.
I actually had the user login info saved on my WDTV and my Windows 7 shared folders were shared correctly, like including the Everyone as one of the users to share with, but I would just ALWAYS get the "There is no media in the current folder" message, only on Network Shares, but not on Media Servers.

I prefer Network Shares because downloaded files appear instantly [after leaving and re-entering the folder on WDTV], whereas with Media Shares, I have to open my Windows Media Player library and click Sync on the Northeast of the window for it to show the recently downloaded files on WDTV.

After noticing that playing videos through WDTV Media Servers shares that contained separate subtitle files, like .srt, didn't work, I found forums confirming that this was just the way it is with sharing through media servers: since the subs files are separate, the media server [I just use Windows Media Player] doesn't read them.
But forums indicated that subs files worked with Network Shares and this was indeed my experience when I had Windows XP.
I had the Network Shares stopping working out of the blue since I had Windows XP and it never came back.
And then the problem continued on my new PC with Windows 7.
But it never occurred to me to clear the login info from WDTV.
On Windows XP I got the Network Shares working for the first time ONLY AFTER I created a local username on the PC with a password and then logged in through WDTV with the backslash before the username.
Creating a username with no password didn't work for the login from WDTV.

I hope this helps someone out there as I've spent hours of frustration trying to figure this out.
I had even abandoned using WDTV when the Network Shares stopped working on XP many months ago.
I only restarted using WDTV when I got a Windows 7 PC where I could use sharing with Media Servers until I couldn't stand the frustration of not having subtitles anymore.

And I never wanted to unplug my external HDD from my PC and plug it on the WDTV as it would just defeat the purpose of having a networked media player.