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December 20, 2011, 08:22:47 AM
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Can anyone steer me toward TV recording software for my local over-the-air stations?   I have a PC with two digital tuners, and yes windows7 media center.  I haven't tried it lately, but media center wouldn't let me play HD content from one PC to another years ago.  Seriously, I bought the media center extender and it would not play HD content that had been recorded in the living room!  I'm looking for a way to record TV shows and then copy them to the WDTV HDD to watch.  What about the Myth TV backend on the linux side of things?

Also, is there any program that will scour the torrents for episodes to download?  I've tried a few and the ones I found either don't work or are not supported.

Just trying to automate DVR'ing tv shows as much as possible.