Author Topic: Preferred movie format... seeking guidance  (Read 666 times)

December 20, 2011, 04:06:07 AM
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I got a wdtv live plus (the rounded one) a couple of months ago and love it.  A friend just got one on my advice and she got the newest one with the more intuitive remote.  I'm about to buy two more for my house.  I noticed that the new box indexes the movies and creates thumbnails.  I'm a little disapointed in the search by actor function... it shows each combination of actors as a unique hit.  For example, a search for Mickey Mouse will turn up 10 hits listing Mickey/Pluto, Mickey/Minnie, Mickey/Donald, etc.

So this brings me to my question... MP4 format has an option for tags like an MP3 file's ID3 tags.  None of the other movie formats have tagging that I'm aware of.  The WDTV provides tags by downloading thumbnails and an XML file along with the afore mentioned search function.  But I like MKV format because of the multiple audio tracks and switchable subtitles.

My question for the group is should I convert all my movies to mp4 for the ability to use ID3 tags?   MP4 would dramatically reduce the size of many of the older DIVX files I have as well.

Since MKV is a container, it could hold the mp4 version of the file, right?  What about ID3 tags in that case?

Hope this doesn't start some sort of holy war about video formats, just looking for discussion and insight.