Author Topic: 1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- [flash] or official f/w - wird problem  (Read 1786 times)

December 02, 2011, 09:34:03 AM
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Sometime during spring I have loaded the "1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- [flash]" and used it happily with no problem for months, about until October. I always used my device through WiFi network reading media from a HTPC (XBMC library) and with no issues.

Suddenly the WD Live start behaving weird: You start watching a movie and if I jump forward or back within few minutes since I started it seems to be OK but after watching say 10 minutes or more, if I wish to rewind, it will show up the menu with movie list and thinking wheel forever.
When a movies almost ends, I press STOP, the image comes back to menu list but the movie sound still playing(?!?). Very weird and annoying. I can not select another movie. In both cases I have to turn it off from remote and start over.
So basically I have to watch an entire movie but I can not pause it, rewind or fast forward because it will happen what I described.

I have reseted the unit numerous times, reloaded the f/w, still the same. I have reloaded the original f/w few times, reset, reload again, still under the official f/w is doing the same thing. Of course if I load the WDLXTV f/w back is the same.
It seems to me that with WDLXTV f/w was written something (perhaps with one plugin or script) in an area that is not normally flashed with either f/w and that got somehow corrupted and I have this headache. How could I fix this annoying problem, please?