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For those that aren't aware - Once the server client for PlexApp is installed onto your PC, it automatically downloads covers/descriptions for all your movies/tv shows and then streams to iPhones/iPads (Using PlexApp from the AppStore), LG TVs, Apple TV2 (Jailbroken with the PlexApp), and hopefully soon Samsung TVs.

PlexApp will also stream across the internet to your iPhone/iPad etc - I and my mates watch movies off my PlexServer via 3G on our  iPhones/iPads.

WD MUST install Plex client functionality onto the WD TV Live.

I'm seriously thinking about replacing my 2 WD TV Live's with Apple TV2 because it can connect to a Plex server.

I would like to see this aswell. There are several reasons why i left Apple, went to Google TV and not with the WD. All in all, i am happy with this current setup. I am still to new to complain because i am not fully aware. seems to be a lot of work to get cover art, imdb rating. proper naming, etc etc where Plex does all this automatically.

That would be great!
Im looking for a solution to see meta-data on my movies on my NAS.

I love Plex.  I thought that WD TV would have some way of displaying meta data and was quite disappointed when I found they did not  :(.  So I was going to use Plex media server, but that does not work either  ???.  I don't believe there is a media server we can use with WD TV that has the meta Data.

Please WD, enable support for Plex and you will make many of us very happy  :D.


Just like to put in my interest in this project too.

I come from an xbmc background have switched to a wdtv live since moving overseas. I heard about Plex and how even smart tvs now have their own client apps for it and thought it would be the ultimate media library solution for a device like the wdtv.

Was disheartened to find out that my new wdtv live didn't come with a beautiful metadata rich client like plex. Hopefully WD can authorise something like this as it is something really lacking from this device.

The most intelligent thing about Plex is that it's the server that store the metadata about the media, which means its a one off scan and then any connected device can instantly access it, with streaming left to the server.


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