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October 16, 2011, 07:00:54 AM
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Ian Brown

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I use an Intel iMac OS X 10.6.8 and my WD TV HD's firmware is all up to date.

My videos are all H.264/mp4 with AAC audio.

I have had a strange intermittent problem for the last 2 years (since new) with my WD TV HD Player.

When you click on "Video" you should get 5 choices:-

"All Video"      "Date"        "Folders"         "Recent"         "Play List"

I occasionally get these but most of the time I just get     "USB 1"     or     "USB 2"     referring to the 2 USB devices I have attached.

This lack of folders is not a problem but when it occurs I seem to have limited playback functionality.

If I try to Fast Forward,  it takes over 20 seconds to change to 2x  and the same time  each time I jump to 4x,  8x,  or 16x.

This makes navigating to a point on the video very slow.

I thought that my HDs and memory sticks may not be formatted correctly so I checked that they all were Mac OS Extended (NOT Journaled) and were using the GUID Partition Scheme and not the Master Boot Record.

I could understand the changing functionality if it happened when I made a change to my USB devices but last night I set everything up and it all worked perfectly.

This morning, having made no changes, when I switched on I was no longer seeing the 5 folders and I was having the slow FF response.

Incidentally, I usually seem to get the following 2 messages when I start up:-

1.  Storage cannot aggregate.

2.  Unable to create media library on read only storage.

However, all my USB 2.0 devices have both Read and Write enabled and are not journaled.

Has anyone experienced any of these things or know of any cures?
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