Author Topic: Links in Samba share not understood  (Read 1832 times)

September 25, 2011, 08:15:24 AM
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My WDTV Live has SW version 1.06.15_V.

In my home network, I have a Ubuntu (11.04) server having a Samba share. On this network share, I have all my media, both music and video. There is a gigabit wired connection between WDTV Live and the network server.

Browsing and playing back of media works fine, but now, when I started re-organizing my media library according to genres, I noticed a problem.

Im' having following kind of directory structure in the network share:

movies -- action
 +-------- adventure
 +-------- animation

etc. As movies may belong to many genres, my idea was to store the actual video film in one of the genre directories, and then having a soft link to under the another genre directory.

For example, movie "XYZ" file is under "action", and under "adventure" there is soft link "-> ../action/XYZ.mp4".

This works fine when playing back movies from Windows computer or from another Linux machine using the share, but when browsing to "adventure" directory in WDTV Live, it sees the "XYZ.mp4" as a directory, not as a file.

If the link is created using hard link, it works fine.

This behaviour (i.e. WDTV Live misunderstands soft links on remote file system) is clearly an error.