Author Topic: Extending IR receiver  (Read 921 times)

August 21, 2011, 10:29:58 AM
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So I was thinking about putting my WDTV live in a cabinet, so I don't have to put it off when I go to sleep because of the LED and hard-drive connected.

I was thinking about extending the IR receiver inside, but I couldn't find a decent solution.

If I buy a set to extend it, it has a new extra device to convert the IR signals. And this is also rather expensive 30$ +, So I prefer to have a different solution.

Next I thought about soldering a new IR receiver in parallel onto the one already in it on a long wire that can be guided out of the cabinet.

Do you think that that last option is possible?
Do I have to use the same IR receiver to put parallel over the other one?
Can you easily replace a IR receiver with an other one?

thx in advance!