Author Topic: How do I use my receiver stereo AND TV for sound using HDMI cables?  (Read 1427 times)

August 04, 2011, 11:34:45 AM
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I have a Pioneer VSX-920 receiver that has A/V HDMI inputs and an HDMI output to the Panasonic TC-P 50S30 TV. 

I am using an HDMI cable from the WDTV box to an A/V Input on the receiver and the Receiver's HDMI output to the TV.  I have set the receiver to understand that I'm using an HDMI cable for the specific A/V connection (the WDTV).  The sound goes through the stereo but is not available on the TV.  Reading more about the WDTV my take is that if I want TV sound and receiver (theatre) sound I must use a TOSLINK cable.  Am I missing something related to the WDTV box or is it a configuration thing with the receiver?

Any help appreciated.