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August 14, 2011, 09:36:31 AM
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For those with a Gen1 wdtv running wdlxtv, or those that remember getting it to run, I'd appreciate any thoughts on a dilemma.  I successfully flashed the firmware so that it now shows version 1.03.01.WDLXTV- and I can login to it using a Trendnet wired ethernet dongle.  I have a USB key in one USB port containing net.config, net.mounts, and (version 0.2) in its root directory and the ethernet dongle on the other USB port.  When I plug in power (so it's rebooting), it comes up fine but my xmounts don't seem to work.  The GUI only shows the USB key (have media library off).  If I login to it and run this xmount command:

xmount // Movies cifs

it says the cifs module is not found as though it doesn't even see the file.  Any thoughts what could be wrong?

August 14, 2011, 11:52:23 AM
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Your command is not correct (it's missing info). See here
Also, make sure your USB stick's name (check it via your pc) doesn't contain spaces. If it does, modules won't load (known bug)
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August 14, 2011, 04:13:19 PM
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Many thanks for your reply Ron.  The space in the USB stick's name was the problem.  In spite of considerable reading on the various forums, I didn't see that.  I didn't include user=,pass= because access to it doesn't require credentials.  After changing the USB stick's name, the xmount worked and the drive contents show up nicely.  Thanks again.