Author Topic: Audio delay with Toslink (optical) to reciever  (Read 4191 times)

May 17, 2011, 02:50:27 AM
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Hi Everybody

This is my first post, and I really hope you can help me!?!

Iv'e searched the internet fare and wide to find a solution to my problem but unfortunately i can't.

I have a WD TV HD media player and after several weeks and months of searching for a solution why my media files are played with a delay, i have figured out that it is caused by the toslink output!
My setup is:
WD TV -> Toslink -> Reciever

I have read that with this setup, that is very common, you will experience a delay between the picture and the sound. This delay happens when seing a movie where the sound output is Dolby Digital (4 out of 5 movies are in this format), but not DTS.
DTS works fine.

I have asked WD if they are planning to fix it, and still waiting for an answer.

From what I have seen on different forums people have been having this issue since 2009!

For me and propably several other users this is the only way of getting digital sound to the reciever is with this setup. If you dont have a tv and a reciever with audio return channel.

Why have a Toslink (optical) output if it's not working correctly?

I will post the answer from WD when they answer me. But I really hope you can help me.

My only solution of fixing this is to buy a new reciever and manually create a delay. But this is expensive and in my opinion this should work correctly.


June 21, 2011, 04:17:07 PM
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Switching between HDMI and TOSlink audio

I'm using the exact same setup you described (HDMI->TV and Toslink-> receiver).  I don't quite understand what is the problem.  While it's true that there is a delay between the two outputs I never use both of them.

My receiver has better sound than my TV so I almost always use the Toslink-?Receiver path and MUTE the TV, so there is no delay (echo).  (We don't live in a perfect world and my TV always diplays a MUTE icon when muted, so I actually end up to decrease the TV volume to 0.  But the is the fault of my Samsung TV and not that of the WDTVHD.)

In those few occasions when I use the HDMI-TV path, then I don't even turn the receiver ON! So once again there is no conflict (echo or delay with the SOUND).  In your message you seem to indicate that the problem is with the PICTURE and SOUND but that I don't experience at all.  I'm using the unit for almost two years and never had any experience of a noticeable delay between the sound and picture using the Toslink path.  I know that some receivers allow various delays for the various speakers, but that is only to make sure that there is no delay between the sound that reaches your ears from the different channels/speakers.  And that is typically in milliseconds and would be hardly noticeable.