Author Topic: Bug 1.04.31_V - Mybookworld 1TB (blue rings)  (Read 932 times)

April 27, 2011, 10:57:57 AM
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My Setup: I have three mybookworld 1TB (blue ring) drives and one mybookworld 2TB (white line) drive cabled to a BT home hub router with the WDTV Live connecting wirelessly.

Since I have upgraded to 1.04.31_V I have suddenly realised that I cannot view any of the mybookworld 1TB (blue ring) drives under the Media Server menu option, I can only view them under the Network Share menu option, the 2TB drive is still accessible through both the Media Server and Network Share menu options.

The problem I have is that: viewing/streaming films etc through the Media Server option was smooth and I'd get choppy performance through the Network Share option (So I obviously want to access all my media on the various drives through the Media Server option), so I now find that the performance of streaming media on the 1TB drives is compromised as I have to play them through the Network Share option (And they're choppy), which is the only one available. Now I think I saw that the option to view shares on 3TB drives had been disabled with the new update, could it also have affected the 1TB blue rings drives too?

Am I being dense and missing something here? Help needed folks.