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Subtitles not visible for MKV ripped from blu-ray discs

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My aim was to get my blu-rays and DVDs ripped onto a 3TB WD elements desktop and play them with a WD TV Live Plus like the original discs. I had been researching and jumping on forums for a best way achieving this goal, finally I decided that MakeMKV was pretty much what I was looking for.

The mkv files turned to run well on my WD TV Live Plus with stunning picture and 5.1 sound. Whatís annoying is blu-ray subtitles. I can see subtitles when I play these mkv files on computer, I can see subtitles. However, when play them with WD TV, thereís not subtitles at all. I ripped 3 blu-rays to MKV and they have all the same problem.

Anyway, WD TV plays my DVD movies just fine with subtitles. Why? I was told that WD TV plays bluray subtitles, but obviously it doesnít work for my box. Should I return my WD TV Live Plus back for a new one? or is it a problem for all WD TV boxes? How do I get mkv subtitles displayed correctly?

My wife is Spanish and we absolutely need subtitles. If anyone can help, it would be hugely appreciated.

I donít think WD TV plays blu-ray subtitles. Blu-rays are copy-protected and should not be played on any devices other than Blu-ray player. This must be a common issue.

Let me tell you why it plays no subtitles. Blu-ray discs use PGS as subtitle format, but WD TV has not yet support PGS in MKV. So all you need is to change the subtitles to something WD TV can read. As far as I know, the fastest and easiest way is to use pavtube bytecopy - it rips Blu-ray to MKV and meanwhile converts .SUP to VOBSUB. Works well for me at least.

Find a WD TV subtitle guide at

Hope it helps.  ;)

HumÖ seems a new release. So it does everything makemkv does? And still convert subtitles? If so it should be a most comfortable bd ripper. 


Blu Ray subtitles are in pgs format. The procedure to incorporate them into an mkv using freeware:
TsMuxer - demux the pgs subtitles as .sup files
BDsup2sub - converts the .sup files to paired .sub and .idx files
MkvMerge: merge the idx (drags in the subs) with the mkv file.


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