Author Topic: 3D Subtitle position  (Read 2594 times)

December 27, 2012, 01:06:25 AM
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I have problem with presenting 3D subtitle on my 3DTV: it is move to the right side totaly. It look like following: first half of any title is on the right side of 3D pisture and second half starts on the left side od the same 3D picture (the title is splited). The 3D movie is "Side By Side" mkv and/or mp4 file(s).
The movie is played from external hdd connected to the usb of WDTV Live. WDTV live is via HDMI cable connected to the Pioneer VSX818, and from it (via HDMI cable) to LG 3DTV.

3D title is created by 3DSubtitler.

Interesting thing is that the same 3D subtitle is presented correctly (at the center bottom of screen) when I play movie from hdd which is conncted directly to 3DTV on it's USB ! So, 3D subtitle looks like created correctly.

Please help me !

PS. My WDTV Live has latest firmware (I've checked yesterday)