Author Topic: Help please - What to buy?  (Read 993 times)

April 06, 2011, 01:24:24 AM
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Hi All,

Looking for some direction and this seems like the best forum to get some..

I've been looking at the WD products for a week or so now and they seem really really good. I guess its best to start with what I am looking for then perhaps someone could give me some direction?

I have MACbook, iPad, HD TV etc and looking to get them all hooked up together for the following reasons:
1. Have a time machine for my mac so that I can back up device.
2. Somewhere I can centrally have all my media and files and can access from MAC or iPad - Browse photo's here etc.
3. Movies, pics etc that I can browse through media device (TV etc).
3. Stream movies from NAS through TV.
4. Access online content i.e. Youtube etc from TV/Media device.
5 - Nice to have would be torrent client on NAS/media centre device also.
6. 1-2TB storage for all of the above.
7. Do I need to run cat6 to WD TV device or does it come with WiFi that just connects to home WiFi network?

I was looking into WD My Book Live with WDTV live also, but I have seen the WD TV Live Media centre and not sure if this can do timemachine etc..

Looking to purchase something this weekend and would be grateful of some direction..

thanks in advance,