Author Topic: Help - I think I broke my WDTV Live  (Read 929 times)

March 29, 2011, 10:21:29 AM
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I have been using the WDTV Live with a portable memory stick.  It was working great.  Like the idiot I am - I decided to try and hook up a wireless adapter and that's when all the trouble
started.  I entered the info (IP address, etc.) and that went ok.  The last thing I did was to look at the video settings and I switched the setting from composite to component - but never hit ok (at least I thought) and everything went phooey.  I have a black screen with all the WD content scrolling up real fast and constant. 
I tried the reset button - nothing.  I had a friend switch from composite to component and still the same.
I would be so happy to go back to using a portable memory stick instead of networking at this point.  Is there any hope for me?  I don't know how to fix it and don't understand enough of the techy stuff to find the solution on these troubleshooting folders.
any support would be so greatly appreciated.