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March 17, 2011, 06:29:33 AM
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How-to improve existing new Tune:in shoutcast player mode?
I would like to see the ability to control player with simple commands over the ethernet network.

Here it is important to mention the users needs WebGUI
but it should use simple AJAX / XML / GET / POST commands

The reason is simple *SAFE* and open protocol wil raise
value already now slowly disappearing in the value of the player if the political will of the producer may get a new breath.

I personally use the player as player shoutcast network player
Audio Distribution provides MacAir / Bluetooth AudioStream  or less audio quality FM transmitter.
Thus it is possible to receive audio and in rooms without audio-cable-infrastructure
(all within range Bluetooth or FM Transmitters for example)

A big problem arises when used as shoutcast radio player or music player
(in future videomode player could have same features)

Today does not allow be controlled with basic commands over network
(Be aware of sending commands LEFT/RIGHT/STOP over the existing WebGUI
without see playerGUIscreen is about us as valid as play
petanque in complete darkness with luck you will WIN  ;D

Simple commands like STOP / PAUSE / PLAY / next station / previous presents station in your favorite stations/ are nescessary

If it was political will to implement that network commands control wisely
I will be possible provide fan's community API to raise value of existing player

Some examples
Option to buy Arduino  and NetShield write simple Sketch ;) its could be done in 2-3 days and then share .pde sketch.

Arduino with NetShield could send a HTTP based commands like "PLAY present 1"
(where PRESENT 1 is My favourite shoutcast Rock station)

Play my other favourite music station at "PLAY present 2"
(where PRESENT 2 is My favourite shoutcast Country or NEWS station)

Other commands like Play or PAUSE music or STREAM
currently is only one option STOP stream without any chance send command
to continue without watching TV.
(including mp3 not only shoutcast stream also video playback is possible controlling with good API design)

Current state is POOR sorry but thats a true. its like IRplugin in OLD WDTV hack injecting IR codes to GUIcore  ;D Developers are inspirated by community or wish implement feature with lowest time coding cost ?

Do you think am I dreamming or flying to high Nope!
here is real existing project

also exist for SONY! Sony is most closed solution company last years

LCD + Arduino sending commands to player for example its possible do with
cheap and amazing hobby 8bit Atmell MCU ;)
Processing is very simple like BASIC and many people like it.

We can create small plastic case for arduino optional eth device with some push or capacitance buttons or later add LCD and IR receiver
and use this small device like full features remote controll for WDC player.
Independent on distance between USER and player.

The experience of the past, I am very skeptical. I have to wait To 2014 and then start working on Breadboard ARM based DYI unit + XBMC on self open source player. I dont want loose my privacy with nowadays F*books "like it" features in player  on toillets or everywhere where is possible digg Social-DATA from USER.

We have many many features in WDTV but most of then are very limited.

Its time to stop implement stuff for marketing and start create for people who bought this player

and make this player very popular

Some pople preffere iphone/android app remote controlling okej and people who cant buy this smart phone in contry
should stay with limited webgui ? for example I have Symbian phone and from previously mentioned facts
I will stay on this platform I will not have no option control smart player in future  only buy expensice phone becouse .... is everything closed.

Community in old model provide IRman daemon which is injecting IR commands and controlling old WDTV player
this way is workaround becouse its depend on fixed sequences. Much smarter solution is implement or open API
for sending XML or Events to existing core.

I will stop here becouse my article is long.
I want again activate community as in 2008 on AVSforum where WDTV hacking started by me(open thread) and Zorrander and and  many others.

Many Thanks to all.

Add you opinion here in thread I am waitting on community responses
or if you dont want provide any text feedback clik here on uparrow for counting

Thank you.

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