Author Topic: WDTV Live and Movie Catalog Question.  (Read 996 times)

February 14, 2011, 10:27:45 AM
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I'm new to the media streamer scene, so please excuse my stupid questions.

i have a media smart server with all my movies on it and i want to stream it to my TV. In the past i've been streaming it to my computer using a movie cataloging program call Yet Another Movie Jukebox (YAMJ). Each movie will have its own page and you can play the movie directly from it, and when generating the info pages for movies, it was more or less automated and can run in the background on the server and the images, and html files will be store in a folder. When browsing for movies jsut point the browser to the HTML file.

My question is with the 2 different programs i've see ThumbGen and TViXie does it have that option to play from the movie info page, and how is the generation done and would i have to constantly update the WDLive with the HTML or image files everytime i add a movie to the collection.

Thanks in advance for any comments.