Author Topic: how to sort songs from an album in the correct order  (Read 556 times)

February 05, 2011, 08:55:13 AM
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now that i have everything working right i am noticing that when i play an album the songs are not in the correct order!
i have a WD Elements hooked directly up to the WDTV Live
The songs were downladed onto the drive from an I-pod type device from which the songs were in the correct order
I have tried to access each album on my pc from the hdd which is connected to the wdtv and sort the songs by date...whch then puts them in the correct order as the first song was created (ripped) from the CD first, then the second...and so on.
however, when i try to access the album again from the wdtv from its own hdd the order of the songs have not changed

so...having said all can i be assured that the songs i download onto a hdd hooked up to the wdtv from another source remain in the correct order?