Author Topic: Advice / Suggestions for New Linux User  (Read 668 times)

January 13, 2011, 06:29:40 PM
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Hey guys

I've recently bought a WDTV and am happy with it so far. I've been reading about the custom firmware and want to give it a try. This is mainly for the following reasons

- moviesheets. It may only be an aesthetic change, but it makes the whole thing look alot more "pro"
- rtorrent. I currently have my server running non-stop for torrenting, so being able to offload this work to the WDTV would end up saving me alot of money in the end (200 watts vs 10 watts)

I have a couple of questions though before I go ahead and load the custom firmware

1 - So far I've only been able to find software for Windows to create the moviesheets. Is there a Ubuntu equivalent? In a similar situation, I have several mkv's that won't currently play (probably due to header compression), a few people have pointed me to a small FixMKV program... again, that only works in Windows. I can try running it though WINE but I'd rather a native solution

2 - My plan is to switch my Ubuntu server into a powered down state when the WDTV isn't in "use" (ie, it's only torrenting to an attached drive). Is the WDTV able to do Wake On Lan?

What I want to be able to do is that the WDTV will torrent overnight / during the day and when I want to watch stuff on my server, it send the "magic packet" to wake it up (preferably when I select "Videos" in the menu)