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January 12, 2011, 04:32:26 AM
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why does the gen 2 have such crappy graphics? after having successfully done the moviesheets im pretty happy with the results however
the end result is well not steller. the thumbnails have always had very poor graphics meaning they are very colorless and grainy looking while on the wdtv g2 and that certainly transfered over to the moviesheets as well. my questions are. does everybodys look like this? does the wdtv live have this problem? is there any fix for it? b4 you ask yes i am hooked up through hdmi. i have it set to 12 bit hdmi color. i mean when i view my thumbnails and moviesheets on the computer they look magnificent. very hi res and colorful. and while im happy with the moviesheets and thankful for all the help the wdtv forum members have given i really wish the graphics looked better. or is it just me? if there is something i can do to fix it i would love to know. i am not sure but it does seem to look a little better in 8 bit hdmi color mode. i just find it hard to understand how this little box can play full 1080p movies and they look glorious but the interface looks kinda crappy. i often wonder if it is just me that has this result or if its just the hdmi cord im using. anyone else think it looks crappy? thanks guys.

February 07, 2011, 11:03:47 AM
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Hi, I have this same problem, I have tried almost all the different available firmwares and the problem persists. :/
I've searched google and found other people with the same issue on other forums although people identify the problem in slightly different ways such as "thumbnails appear oversaturated", "OSD quality poor", "menu graphics go funny" etc.

I hope that the guys behind the wdlxtv firmwares are able to sort out this problem as my friend's WDTV1 OSD looks perfect.

Fortunately movies themselves don't seem to be affected.