Author Topic: audio does not work on both my wd tv wgile connecting from the av out  (Read 1450 times)

January 02, 2011, 01:14:11 PM
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Hy There
hope someone can help me with the prob I am facing:

I bought my first wd tv live a year ago and it was working perfectly well. 2 months ago i bought the second one and it worked very well in the beginning.

Now they both won't produce any sound when connected through the av out cable. I have connected the HD tv live through an hdmi to the tv and the sound comes out of the tv, but it's not coming out from the av out that is connected to my surround systems: I use Onkyo, also pioneer and lg, and none of them actually is able to produce the sound.

The weird part, is that i have never had this problem and all of a sudden they both have the same issue.

I did recently download the latest software , so im not sure if thsi has anything to do with the problem. I am now downloading the latest software released in dec 2010 and will see if it will make any difference.

In all cases, i would appreciate if someone can help me with the matter, or if you experienced the same issue as well.

Thanks a million