Author Topic: playing mp3 - subfolders support ? (1.04.17_V and earlier)  (Read 670 times)

January 02, 2011, 02:57:49 AM
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On my AV disk I usually archive the music in a logical manner, for example, the folder Etno contains folder NuevoFlamenco, it contains folder Armik and it contains all Armik's albums as folders, filled with the actual mp3 files.

The problem is that in the given example, I can not set up the WDTV Live unit to play ALL pieces by Armik from all of the albums. The feature to select by artist is great but as we all know it will not work correctly as some mp3's has not got the embeded artist info. Generating a huge playlist of all the music form all his albums wouldn't be an elegant solution. So the only useful option is to play by Folder. The WDTV has got a great function that allows you to select an album folder and just hit the play button. It is the same as going into the same album folder, selecting the first file and hitting the play.

Could the function be improved a bit, so that when I select, in this example, the Armik folder, the unit becomes smart enough to understand that I want to play ALL the music in that folder, including the SUBFOLDERS (the whole sub-hierarchy structure). Whan I select the Armik folder now, I get the message that "there are no files in the folder" (beacuse all the files are in subfolders). I'm sure it would be a child's play to fix up, thank you!