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December 30, 2010, 05:20:19 AM
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Let me tell you, just yesterday I unboxed the WDTV LIVE device, which was bought from Abu Dhabi.

Preliminarily, I just hooked it to my Sony CRT TV, and played two movies off my pen-drive. One was a XVid (Inglorious basterds)and the other was a HDDDVD Rip H264 AAC (The Italian Job), both played quite well as far as video was concerned, but it amazingly low on the audio front. I had to raise the volume  4 times the usual level. i.e. normally the sound from my TV is heard on 20 units, but for these movies I had to raise it to something around 88 to 90, which is you will appreciate is absurd, of course there is no distortion. Other thing let me tell you, that audio mp3 songs played quite well i.e. on 20/25 units.

The cables used were composites (one yellow for video and the red and white for audio which were attached to my TV rear) I am yet try the optical cable via the AVR, but the experience of this regular hook-up has put me on a low hopes, hence can't expect much even if I play off my AVR and 5.1/DTS hook-up. I don't have a LCD/PLASMA panel as of now, hence HDMI connections will have to wait. But you will appreciate that a decent sound out-put is expected from a composite connections.

Have I missed something, some step or am I to go to the settings and do some tweaking. Plz let me know.

Awaiting for your help and guidance as I may also require when I go to the connections via the AVR.
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December 30, 2010, 06:03:55 AM
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There is no sound module on the the sound that comes out of it is what the movie will put out.  Of course the better the connection, the better the sound so the Optical Audio will certainly be better than the composite connection but still, the sould will be as loud as what the movie will output.

I have some that need to be cranked up to 25 or 30 on my TV while others play loud enough at 8 or 9.  My normal for a TV show off the cable is at about 10 or 11.

Maybe some day there will be some settings to normalize the sound of movies but there isn't yet.
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