Author Topic: Movie names not showing up for VOB files  (Read 2563 times)

December 28, 2010, 05:03:21 PM
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I have WD Live, a 2 tb USB drive, and am connected directly into the RCA jacks of my tv. 
I have over 200 movies on my hard drive, all in vob  format.
I have saved them as such:  G:\movies\MOVIE NAME\Video.ts\ *.vob

My problem is this.  The movies show up and play just fine, but I have no way of identifying which vob is which.  There is no title on the file.  The ony way to get it to work is play the movie and fast forward until I find the name in the introduction. 

Can someone tell me a way to make it possible for me to know the name of the movies without having to play each movie to determine the name?