Author Topic: MEdia players and their Average Power Consumption (not only WDTV)  (Read 2386 times)

December 23, 2010, 01:55:22 AM
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I am openning this thread becouse I want show how some players wasting power and our wallet.

(more will come soon - only reserved thread for near future)

Product                                          | System                           |Standby/Offline

ASRock Ion-330idle:26/38Wmax   
WDTV v1 (without network)reserved         reserved
WDTV Live (networked)reserved         reserved
WDTV Live Hub PlayHD:8WStd:7W/OFF:<1W
WDTV Element Play reserved         reserved
Box Office (no drive)6 Watts                  <1W
Box Office (with 160gb 2.5" Drive)9 Watts<1W
ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 Unit ~7 W         <1W
Xstreamer ~30W<1W

Then there's the issue of power consumption. A properly configured PC for HD playback, most popularly known as Home Theater PC or HTPC, most often then not comes with a thirsty 550W power supply

Save yourself the hassle of multiple codecs and hard to understand shareware decoders and software. Watch your HD movies with the 30W power Xtreamer.

Patriot Box Office
I need some trusted information

WDTV live hub
This player boot with higher power consuption but peak is less then 11W (floating 7-10W)
(OS boot + media library compiling process only internal 2.5" HDD no additional USB media attached this process take few minutes dependent on content more files = 2-3minutes power consumtion is floating very quickly this value is not very accurate - its not very important becouse its only start of player)
Player has actually implemented two standby modes (fw 2.03.24 30/dec/2010)
  • First one is with short power button pressing no extra power saving (internal drive is spinning no video Output (look like NAS mode its possible transfer files)
  • Second one is with internal HDD turnoff and then is consuming less then 1W (my power meter is not capable measure may be later I will provide more exact value) In this mode is player no accesible over network.
  • WDTV livehub in IDLE in GUI menu consumming 8W compared with standby mode(7W) its only very little power saving no reason using this mode its better turn off player or unplug from AC.
    My personal opinions there is missing some kind of indication for NAS mode (very low lighting diode should be fine original is terrible intensive lighting) I cant visually detect is is player in NASrunning mode or OFF mode. Ihave to check vibrations from HDD for detecting or wait on TV signal if is present.
  • Inside is WD10TPVT 1TB 5200 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/sHDD (5VDC 0.6A = 3W) device should be capable run without connected fan or HDD (1user post this information not quaranted information)
  • We can clearly see the Sigma Designs SMP8654AD-CBE3 Processor which drives the WD TV Live Hub. As mentioned before, this is the same processor family that drives the WDTV Live Plus.  Sigma designed this 500Mhz chip to work with an array of high-definition multimedia formats as well as support Gigabit Ethernet. We are expecting the same great performance from the Live Hub as we got from the Live Plus. more...
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