Author Topic: REQ 1.04.10_V: Thumbnail feature under "Preview" mode  (Read 1006 times)

December 13, 2010, 11:26:52 PM
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Having come across to a WDTV Live from a Gen 1, I have created many Thumbnail images for my movies, and used to browse my drives in Thumbnail mode.

However, I am greatly impressed by the new Preview mode available in the WDTV Live, as the layout is very open, simple and user friendly, and have a suggestion:

Is it possible to combine the Preview and Thumbnail modes?

Browsing in Preview mode, when you come across a folder on a drive, a large folder icon displays on the Preview "Screen". But it also displays a small thumbnail in the bottom right hand corner of the Preview "Screen" (which happens to be "folder.jpg" in nearly all cases, whether by accident or design?).

My suggestion for a combined Preview and Thumbnail mode would be for the Thumbnail to display in that bottom right hand corner of the Preview "Screen" (provided one is available obviously!).

Provided the JPEG files listing in the Video menu is also resolved (see my post under "Bugs"), this would improve my enjoyment of using this device enormously!