Author Topic: Bug? 1.04.10_V - JPEG files displaying under "Video" Menu  (Read 1041 times)

December 13, 2010, 11:02:24 PM
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Not sure whether to post as a Req or Bug, but I consider this a Bug:

I have recently upgraded to a Live from a Gen 1 (which I used to keep on FW 1.02.07, instead of 1.03.01 as it had unofficial hub support).
I am currently running the Live firmware 1.04.10 as per the automatic update feature on the unit.

On my Drives (WD Green 1.5Tb's and 2Tb's) I have created Thumbnails for nearly all my movies in JPEG format (360pix x 540pix).
When browsing my Drives (via LAN to my PC) from the VIDEO menu under Thumbnail mode*, all my movies display the JPEG thumbnail images correctly, but the JPEG's also show by themselves as separate files.
Not only is this annoying, it is also confusing: Until I realised the problem, I thought the WDTV Live wasn't playing my movie files!

*This also holds true for Preview mode (haven't checked List mode - not interested in using it) though the thumbs aren't displayed on the movie files of course.

As far as I'm concerned, when searching drives under the Video menu, only Video files should display (with their appropriate thumbnail of course). That goes for the Music and Photo menu's as well.
If your browsing within those menu's, it's pretty obvious what content you're looking for!

I also have a request with regards to thumbnails if you'd care to browse my topic under Requests for WDTV Live



December 27, 2010, 12:39:08 PM
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I have had this issue too. I consider this to be a bug too.
I worked around it by adding a '.' in front of the filename of the .jpg. This hides the jpg file, but keeps the thumbnail action intact.   ;D
Unfortunately the trick does not seem to work for folder.jpg  :'( 

Sorry, the above does not work. It only seemed to work because the device caches the thumbnails. After a power cycle all thumbs were gone.
So, I am affected by this issue as well and would like to see it resolved.
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