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I am thinking of picking one of these up.   Looks pretty cool with a new interface and better video chip.

Anyone have any comments or experiences with this?

Looks like it passes true DTS-MA

I am surprised you haven't got one already....LOL  :D

I am currently testing PsychoTHC osd mod / theme on the box..

You really should get one, but be prepared for its own share of little niggles, but worth it overall.

Main features are improved GUI, built in 1tb Drive, built in Media Server, built in movie info (basic at moment but it def can be improved on i am hoping to get full thumbgen moviesheets working and Psycho has already done some amazing things improving the original)...

i will repost some of my comments from the other forum

Not my video but here is a little taster :-


Well i suppose i better kicks things off as there has not been much info posted here re this new player.....

My obversations so far:---

Firstly the stock UI is an improvement over the WDTV Live or Live Plus.....

With the fact that custom osd mod themes are possible this will only improve with time.

Whilst it is not as major a leap as you might imagine going from the Live to the Live Hub, it does add some very nice features including:-

Built in 1tb Hard Drive....not looked at if possible to upgrade the internal drive but i am sure at some point someone will

Built in Twonky media server, so you can use a media controller (eg juliojs android app) to send the media either back to the Hub or to other Media Players/Renderers in your network.

This built in Twonky server also opens up alot of possibilites to remote control the Hub and for example you now have a new Webend interface that has a remote control feature amongst other things.

A little feature that you may miss at first is the inclusion of a small mediamark to show half watched or fully watched movies

Obviously the big talking point apart from the themes is the inclusion of movie information...

Note the 'moviesheets' will only show in the Gallery View mode but you can pull up the info in the other modes....

Talking about view modes you have the following views:

1:  List View (only text filenames)
2:  Preview (list + preview window on right right this is like on previous model with a few cosmetic changes)
3:  Gallery View (thumbs are in single line on the bottom very much like sheet mode this is the 'moviesheet' mode)
4:  Small Grid View (4x4 thumbs wide matrix)
5:  Large Grid View (3x3 thumbs wide matrix)

I did read on the internet that is possible to modify the xml of Gallery View to change to a custom view...whilst this could be done to get back a Large Thumbnail view like in the Live it might also be interesting if this can be used to give a custom moviesheet view ???

It has an interesting Sync feature that would allow you to Automatically Sync the files from a usb drive or a network location to a special folder on the hard drive called usb_sync, whilst i can't imagine i will be using it much myself it could be useful for others

There was a small silly point when you take the box out of it is wrapped in a clear bag which has a seal you have to break

On the seal it says 'Purchase and use of the WD TV is subject to the acceptance of the End User License. Go to


well this url doesn't exist  :oops:

Lastly get used to having to navigate with a totally different system based around Sort/Filter...And by Content.....you will need to memorise the functions of the Green/Red/Yellow/Blue keys to navigate faster.

Will update this page with some pictures

New Webend

This reminder to update my firmware is actually as a result of me using the ver trick..i installed the newest firmware a second time via usb to make sure that the online firmware and downloaded ones were the same (ie the downloaded one still didn't add the Neflix or Blockbuster apps) However the funny side effect is that the webend still thinks there is a newer firmware version as it has seen it previously on a usb stick LOL

Twonky Server Screens:

Thanks extremedigital ,

Buying one today!


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