Author Topic: LG NAS working one minute - not the next  (Read 1840 times)

December 04, 2010, 08:28:04 AM
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Hi All,

I have a WD TV HD Live (or whatever its called these days) connected to Wireless to my LG NAS that has 4 TB of storage in it.

Network shares showed up fine, always was able to see it and connect.

Today, i power up the unit after a short while not using it and it tells me that there is a new fimware, installed, and then detects another and installs.

Once its all back up and running, i can see the LG Nas, but cannot access any of the shares!   It can see the CD Rom and the USB drive hanging off the NAS, but none of the internal storage shows up what so ever.

Is there something im missing in the new firmware, or have i borked my unit :(


December 11, 2010, 04:16:54 PM
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I had the same problem this evening with my LG NAS.

In 'Settings' - 'Network settings' set the 'Auto login to network share' to "Off"
Go back to 'Video' find your LG NAS and you will be prompted for username and password
Go back in 'Settings' - 'Network settings' and set the 'Auto login to network share' to "On"

I think the new firmware changes the WDTV device name to WDTWlive. When you try and log on to the LG NAS with an unknown username you don't get any error message you just don't get access.

Hope it works out for you!  :)