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WDTV LIVE New Official Firmware Update 1.04.10_V

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And we have new Firmware 1.04.10_V

(remember before you start moaning, do a reset ;-)

What's in this update?
Release 1.04.10 (11/22/10)

    * Supports Facebook application.
    * Supports Deezer application.
    * Supports Flingo application.
    * Supports AccuWeather application.
    * Supports USB keyboards.

Here is the link!



So you edit something, but didn't add a link? ;)

Of course at time of writing you can't download the firmware from the link, its only updated able via the internet from the WDTV Live.

Comes version 1.04 with the new hub GUI?


--- Quote from: microler on November 23, 2010, 02:46:21 AM ---Comes version 1.04 with the new hub GUI?

--- End quote ---

I don't know what the hub GUI looks like, but the interface hasn't changed my - except to add a lot of new items under "Internet Media"


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