Author Topic: NooB In Need Of Help...  (Read 682 times)

November 14, 2010, 10:44:40 AM
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Hello people i hope someone can help as i'm new to all this...
Just got myself a wd live and have flashed it to...
Firmware Version: 1.02.21.wdlxtv_live-ptHC-
OSD-Version: PsychoTHC OSD-MOD v6.3.1

Now i've found a code(proxy Script) which claims i can watch live tv streams, now my questions are:
1. I have the code where do i put it? (can someone give me a step by step)
2. Is there any way i can watch live football Or anything else streamed from my pc though my wd live on my tv?

I have browsed alot of sites and find this one helpful, so i hope someone can help me.. Thanks in advance...

P.S I'm a noob on wd live and its workings but not on a comp, so if you tell me how it can be done i will do it...