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November 04, 2010, 12:05:36 PM
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Has anybody else notice that WD Live HD does not support more colors than 12bit? That's bug me - especially with still picture viewing...

There is some comment about this problem in Western Digital Community Ideas Lab (, but it seems that I am one of those few who are even bothered about it...

32bit color depth... please.
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November 04, 2010, 05:11:00 PM
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The "12-bit" that the devices output, is per colour register.

32-bit colour on your PC is 24-bit + 8-bit alpha.  You get 256 shades of red, 256 shades of blue and 256 shades of green.  There's no extra colour in a 32-bit colour image than there is in a 24-bit colour image -- there's still a maximum of 16,777,216 colours.

That would also be the "8-bit" setting for HDMI (i.e. 8 bits for red, 8 bits for green and 8 bits for blue).

The 10-bit and 12-bit settings for "Deep Colour" are the size of the registers for each primary colour.

A "12-bit" Deep Colour signal gives you 4,096 red, 4,096 blue and 4,096 green = 68,719,476,736 colors.

HDMI 1.2 only supports 8-bit (which is equivalent to the 32-bit colour on your PC).

Newer incarnations of HDMI support the larger colour registers (i.e. can send a 12-bit colour signal to a device capable of receiving 12-bit signals) but it's still rather pointless at the minute because there are no commercial sources of 10- or 12-bit colour at the moment.  The DVD and Blu-Ray standards both encode 8-bit colour.

Taking an 8-bit picture from a Blu-Ray and converting it to 12-bit to show on your 12-bit-capable "Deep Colour" TV doesn't really give you any more than the 16,777,216 colours that were possible to have present in the Blu-Ray signal.  You're just putting the same colour information in larger box -- that doesn't give you more colour on the screen than what was encoded on the original disc.

November 05, 2010, 11:02:24 AM
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Yep, it seems that I mis understand meaning of Color Bit Depth... Thanks about correction, RoofingGuy!

I try set lower Color Depth for HDMI output and hope that it would enchance still image viewing with my LCD TV...