Author Topic: Gen 2 does not support multi bay HDD enclosures  (Read 1483 times)

October 27, 2010, 02:27:50 AM
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I have bought several WDTV units (including a mini) and they all worked fine with all kinds of USB HDD's. My video library is extensive and I now use Probox 4 bay HDD boxes each with up to 4x2TB drives. I've found that my original WDTV units will happily read up to 16TB - takes about 20 minutes on first boot to get everything indexed - but after that no problem.

I am building some duplicate systems for friends and bought more WDTV units - I did not even know that the product had been upgraded to Gen2 (or V2). I bought only unit Gen2 and one unit WDTV Live. Both of them do not work with the Probox - on booting they will only recognise one HDD - I guess that this means that the new firmware does not support "port multipliers".

I contacted WD support, but just got a quick response advising me that WD does not support the Probox - not very helpful.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to modify the V2 firmware to read all four HDD's in my Probox?