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October 15, 2010, 09:30:34 AM
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Sorry for rehashing this discussion but I've trawled through dozens of forums here and hoping my situation is different and solvable...

I have an old HD tv (pre HDMI) which supports component video input with resolution of 480p, 480i and 1080i.

I'm using 1080i mode with the WDTV. (I do have b-rad's firmware but haven't played with the conf resolution stuff)

The issue is that everything is displayed in a resolution bigger than the tv (i.e. menu AND video).

For videos it's not a huge deal...I can use the zoom out feature if there' critical parts of a video I'm missing (like the score on a soccer game) but as I'm now getting into doing movie sheets (only done sheet mode so far but might change to wall if that helps) the movie info is cropped on the right (i.e. I lose 2-3 characters). Again, not the end of the world but a bit annoying.

I have a DVD player plugged into the second component input and AFAIK it isn't cropping anything there (I could be wrong).

One final thing...the component video inputs (it's called "colorstream" on this tv: Toshiba 34HF81) don't support picture size (i.e. there's nothing in the tv menu that can adjust the picture size for colorstream...the regular video inputs have various wide/full modes but I'd rather not use those if I can help it).

October 15, 2010, 10:28:36 AM
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There is a feature in ThumbGen that will allow you to crop the Sheets.  Look in Options and go to the "Overscan Correction" tab on the left.

I have never played with that so I can't tell you for sure if that will help your problem.  Worth a try I guess.
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October 15, 2010, 04:29:04 PM
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I added 50 to top and right overscan options. That makes the info box appear nicely and readable.

Only problem now is the left column of icons is cropped on the there a config somewhere which tells the wall mode the spacing/display?

(On another note I'm still struggling with thumbgen now that I'm using wall mode...not sure why the image in the folder icon is now the sheet.wall jpg but I guess if I read all the guides I'll work that out....hopefully)