Author Topic: WDTVLive finding HD issue  (Read 879 times)

September 09, 2010, 09:29:38 AM
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Hopefully someone can assist...

After enjoying an (old) WDTV for over a year I switched to WDTVLive. Goal is to access the exsisting HD content at several locations.

I have connected the WDTVLive to my network. Firmware update 1.02.21.

My HD (already used on previous WDTV) is connected to an Airport Express new version, so connected to the network. I can see the HD on all connected computers, also through Wifi and play the content (VideoTS) in DVD-Player.

I can also see connected computers on the WDTVLive and access shared content. You Tube also works.

Problem: If my HD (LaCie 2TB) is not used it switches to stand-by. When I start WDTVLive it will not see the HD, probably because it is in standby. I can activate the HD with any computer though and when the HD is running it sometimes is suddenly is recognised by the HDTVLive. The last few attempts however have been unsuccessfull....

Question: Does anyone know how the WDTVLive, when powered up, can signal the standby HD to wake up and be detected? And how the settings are supposed to be?

Thanks a million in advance for your tips and help.