Author Topic: Hard drive weirdness  (Read 812 times)

September 07, 2010, 12:14:46 PM
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I've looked through the forums and found some similar issues, but the resolution seems to be to format the hard drive, which doesnt seem to work for me. I have a 500GB Western Digital hard drive, it was originally partitioned as 2 250GB volumes, one was NTFS and the other WBFS. I was able to play all my movies off the NTFS. I decided to delete the partition and create a single 500GB NTFS volume. After copying my entire MKV library to the disk (a 6 hour ordeal) I was shocked to find out that the hard disk wasn't detected by my WDTVLive Plus box. After spending a couple of hours resetting the WDTV box in various ways, experimenting with disk and permission settings, I finally gave up deleted the partition and created 2 new volumes, one 480GB and the other 20GB, WDTV only showed the smaller 20GB volume. I then deleted both of those volumes and created 2 250GB ones, WDTV shows the 1st volume but not the second. So I have two questions.

1) Why can't WDTV detect the large 500GB volume by itself? I've read that people have 1TB drives connected, so it must be possible. I'm using Windows 7 to set up the partition and to format the drives (using the NTFS default).

2) Is there a way to show both volumes on the WDTV Live Plus box if the disk has to be partitioned? I just see one USB connection and clicking it just shows folders on the first or second volume.