Author Topic: AVATAR - Forced Subtitles for Navi  (Read 4008 times)

September 06, 2010, 11:50:09 PM
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Advice related to view on WDTV apreciated....
As stated in other post I play my movies lossless on WDTV via either single Mpeg2 file (DVD) or straight ripped m2ts (Blu-Ray)
5 Blu-Rays in and except for the joy of forming the Special Extended Version of T2 Skynet Edition into a single m2ts from the 27
that it comprises of all has gone smoothly using Pav-Tube Blu-Ray Ripper.
I had AVATAR on mpeg2 with the subs but it looked a bit drab after watching Flash Gordon m2ts so bit the bullet and have now
ripped the Blu-Ray versions m2ts file @ 42GB.
Looks great but you know what's comming...yep those darn Navi forced subtitles!
I converted it to mp4 as the dics was native H.264 @ 1080p / 37K bitrate and it stutters so that's pants. Therefore, before I go
and convert it to something else:
Is there a way to force / embed the Navi forced subs into the m2ts so that it plays by default? Aside from Pav's BRR I have tsMuxer
(which I used for T2 joining) Which sees the various PGS files but that's as far as I've used it to date.
Can the m2ts be taken aprt / modified using this to make the m2ts file force display these subs? ???

September 27, 2010, 11:39:54 AM
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it requires a little work but, use tsmuxer to demux the m2ts streams
then run bdsup2sub on the .sup files and export only forces to a new.sup file
then use tsmuxer to mux the new .sup file into a working m2ts