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August 31, 2010, 08:46:33 AM
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I'm new to the forum and new to WDTV Live.

I just installed b-rad's custom firmware to my device and video playback from my HDD (connected via USB to the WDTV) works like a charm, also streaming FROM my computer through WDTV Live to my TV is seamless.

My problem comes when I want to stream a video from my HDD to my computer (using a Mac and VLC Media player). No matter the video quality (same problem whether it's HD or SD) the video has a kind of a stutter. While playing it goes on fine for a few seconds  but then it makes a jitter. Good playback a few seconds and then a keeps doing that all through the video.

It would be awesome if someone could help me on this. My goal is to have the HDD always connected to the WDTV and store everything there keeping my Mac as empty as possible as the damn hard drive is always full.

Hopefully you can understand the nature of my problem as english isn't my native language. Kind of hard to describe it :)

(If there are finnish speakers here, please let me know so I could explain it in finnish too!)