Author Topic: *NEW* Western Digital Elements Play media player  (Read 3503 times)

August 25, 2010, 01:10:22 PM
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Came across this one :

Should have a 1TB internal HDD.
No networking

Haven't seen it in real life yet, only on paper and on this website.

EDIT : also on WD website (but no pictures yet):

so also a 2 TB version available : WDBACC0020
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October 19, 2010, 07:07:35 AM
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I've already got a WDTV Live unit so thought the Elements Play with 2TB would be a good backup solution that I could also use to play films in another room or to take away on holiday, etc. It's a nice unit, very cool (not hot), very quiet and is about 9" wide x 6"deep x 1.5" high. Plays most files, mkv, mov, mp4, and iso files with full menus.  Main problem I've found is that it doesn't support thumbnail mode on video, only a list mode with preview. Which is a major issue for me as I prefer to browse through DVD covers at 12 per screen, rather than a list of files.

It has no network connections, so you upload files direct from PC/Mac or from a USB drive. Has an HDMI connector obviously and composite outputs, so is compatible with any tv.

Apparently it doesn't support full HD at 1080P.  I have no HD files as yet so can't test this.  It also does not support DTS although AC3 plays fine through optical.