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Author Topic: Going from Gen 1 to Gen 2.......  (Read 2367 times)

August 24, 2010, 09:52:10 PM
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I am an early WDTV adopter that (since the final firmware was released) has been very pleased with this device with plans to get more.
Until recently I have been using Magic DVD Ripper lossless Mpeg2 single files for my movie collection which when upscaled gives excellent
Now with Pav-tube I am moving into Blu-Ray for all new movies and have settled on lossless m2ts rips as my file of choice. Yes they are big
files but the results are perfect. For me lowering the bitrate to mid teens just doesn't deliver a sufficient upgrade over the excellent upscaled
results and storeage is no issue either.
My latest movie really put my Gen-1 to the test, Flash Gordon 30th Edition's lossless ripped m2ts weighed in at around 32GB with a bitrate well
over 40! The movie looks amazing @ 1080p and the Gen-1 breezed through playing the file with ease after switching to audio channel "2" of the
3 avaialble.
Now my 2 questions are....at the time of writing ie 25th Aug 2010, is the Gen-2 playing everything that Gen-1 did and doing it as well?

And finally the really important issue I have, is it true that the Gen-2 can delete data from the HDD??. This REALLY bothers me as the thought of
a malfunction or inexperienced user deleting films by accident would make this product a no go for me and used Gen-1's the preferred option.

If this is the case, can it be disabled in the options / setup ?

September 02, 2010, 09:07:45 AM
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Bit the bullet and bought a Gen 2 anyway as I'm about to rip Avatar full quality
m2ts and thought the extra oomph of it's newer chipset would be good.

Anyhow noticed a number of things:

Menu Display is noticibly darker so preferred Gen 1 on that.

Setting the output resolution to AUTO on my 2 HD "Ready" Bravias results in 720p 60hz whereas the Gen1 (and my DVD Player) default to 1080i 50z so again i'll go Gen1 on that too.

Gen2 is much faster to stop playing a movie file on pressing stop and in general responds faster. Gen2 win

Gen2 has far more output display options including 1080p @ 23.976 for perfect Blu-Ray rip playback.

File Management is thankfully NOT too easy to meddle with as a number of steps must be taken before a file is actually deleted so once more Gen2 scores here.

Picture Zoom "FINALLY" with Gen2 those annoying DVD rips that display with black on all 4 sides can be incrementally zoom in 0.1 jumps to fill the screen width with bars top & bottom. Major Gen2 win there.

Obviously there's Digital Sound Support etc on Gen2

In summary, if Gen2 selected the best display mode available on the TV and switched to 23.976 when playing m2ts files encoded at that rate then I'd say it's a successful improvement over Gen1

September 02, 2010, 10:27:09 PM
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 :-\ Oh Dear, what a let down....
After some time to use it more fully I am close to ditching the Gen2 and returning it

Gen2's picture is definately darker, menus over saturated and contrasted, looks awful and actual movies don't seem as nice looking although this may be my imagination having navigated awful dark menus.

Major Flaw..on Gen1, if you stopped a movie the WDTV would remember where you had watched to next time you use the machine. Gen2 do DOES NOT!, sure it remembers during use but if returning to the home screen and put on standby the Gen2 has to rescan the drive etc, reload ALL the thumbnails etc which frankly is really crap and a total step backwards to Gen1. It also takes ages to bring up the video
folder each time it is turned on because of this.

On my previous post I noted the WDTV not selecting the optimum display mode of 1080i on my 2 Bravias like my Gen1 and instead going to 720p, well even when manually set to 1080i the stupid thing starts in 720p when turned on and has to reset itself to 1080 straight after making it take even longer to boot into the home menu.

Buggy, Gen1 was pretty much impossible to trip up when swopping between file playback etc, 3 times now Gen2 has stuffed up when either rewinding or stopping and restarting, often displaying the library whilst continuing to play the sound from the film.

I also noticed that Gen1 had at some point gained 1080p @ 23.976 anyway, i'd not noticed due to not having previously had any Blu-Ray rips nor a 1080p TV.

At this time I am seriously considering returning the player as the last firmware that can be downloaded for Gen2 ids quite old now and the one on my machine newer than that anyway suggesting that WD may be giving up on this model too? In short this player feels like a first generation product as it is si unpolished and clunky in operation compared to it's predecessor

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