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August 09, 2010, 11:49:31 AM
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A couple of question I need answering please. Having bought a new WDTV, I was irritated to discover that it is the G2 version, and as such seems very limited in terms of customization.

1) After trying to get moviesheets to work, I discovered that the wide thumbs do not work. So, does that mean the trigger files do not work at all with the G2 player?

2) I'd really love to get the beautiful showcase mod to work on my player, but it's evident that the live and G2 models differ in the way they display the home page, and so are incompatible. I saw that PhsychoTHC managed to develop his mod to work with the G2. Can anyone tell me how difficult it would be to adapt a live mod to work on the G2?

3) Is it at all possible to be able to hide any on screen text, or perhaps change the colour of it so it's not visible. It is pointless to me to have the movie name displayed at the bottom of the screen when there is the dvd cover as well as a moviesheet being displayed.

4) Also, in various mods and moviesheets I see a fullscreen display of the movie sheet without anything else. When I enable the moviesheets in folders, it always shows the movie icon on top of the sheet. So how is this possible?

I'd really appreciate some help from someone here, as I would love simply to be able to browse my movies in a more aesthetically pleasing way than the awful standard interface allows me to.
Thanks in advance guys.
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