Author Topic: Quick questions before I make my purchase  (Read 1472 times)

November 29, 2014, 11:28:32 AM
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Summary: Getting it for the elderly ie need to make it as simple as function and remove everything that isnt related to playing videos local.  They will not be using any of the streaming, the photos, the music.  It is simply for their video library which comes in various formats and codecs which the WD already supports.

I do not own one or have seen any of the interface other than youtube videos which showed streaming and cloud networks.

1.  Can you remove all the streaming apps, photo, and music from appearing?  I just need it show video (possibly even hide the settings)

2.  The past media players I have bought that stopped supporting new codecs would have huge delay to the point where it would freeze, I have had to create A-Z and # folders and alphabetize them to stop this.  Is there a speed difference between WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN and WDBHG70000NBK-HESN? All I was able to find was they removed netflix and added some sort of mirroring (both not an issue), but nothing else about hardware updates.  Maybe there is an older one that supports the same video and codec types thats faster?

3.  You can assign cover art for your files correct? I figure it would be easier for them to know what movie they wanted to watch.

The controller looks basic enough and the video support seems perfect this specific thing I am trying to do.  Thanks!