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June 21, 2011, 04:44:45 PM
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Subtitle display is too short

I'm using the standard first generation WDTV without problems for almost two years (updated to the latest v1.03.01 firmware.)  I use MakeMKV to create the mkv files, and select only the subtitle(s) I am interested in.  The unit was displaying the embedded subtitles without the necessity to create external SUB, SRT, etc. files.  This is contrary to WD's information  Nevertheless in reality I have dozens, (in fact hundreds) of DVD movies in mkv format that play the embedded subtitles just fine.

But lately I'm experiencing a problem with numerous DVDs where the subtitles are displayed only for a very short time (about 500ms), making them impossible to read.  (All subtitles are the normal duration in the file, and play fine on a computer with any media player, VLC, Home Media Player, etc.)

So the problem is limited strictly to the WDTV, and it's also intermittent.  Yesterday I made two mkv files.  One of them (Broken Embraces) displays short subtitles, while the other one (Close-Up) displays them for the normal duration.  MediaInfo displays the same information for both of them (Format: VobSub,  Codec ID: S_VOBSUB)

I'd like to find out if:
a) users are successfully displaying embedded subtitles as a rule, and
b) if anyone who has a similar problem and/or solution for this short subtitle display problem.

Thank You. 

July 13, 2011, 07:33:44 AM
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Self Service only?
I appreciate the fact that there is a forum to ask for information and help for the WDTV.  This was my first time to do so. I'm somewhat discouraged and disappointed that after three weeks of posting and over 150 users viewing my request not a single feedback or suggestion was posted.  I didn't expect an immediate reply and perfect answer but I lost some of my original enthusiasm to get help from other users.
But in the end I solved my own problem, and if anyone experiences that same issues I want to help that person.
1) Embedded subtitles for standard DVDs can in fact be read without problem with most, (if not all, because thus far I didn't encounter a single one which couldn't), without the need to create external subtitle (SRT) files.
2)When MakeMKV is used to create the file to hard disk, some version may cause a problem.  According to MakeMKV:

MakeMKV v1.6.12

    MKV engine fixes:
        Some MKV files produced from h.264 AVC blu-ray discs were not seekable
        Subtitles were displayed too short on some players
        Occasional errors on titles with forced subtitles
        Improved compatibility of produced MKV files

July 13, 2011, 08:00:58 AM
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I saw yout thread, but didn't respond as :
- the last time I used MakeMKV is at least 1 year ago
- I hardly have files with internal subs.

But it's good to see that you didn't give up and found the solution yourself !  ;)

BTW, welcome on the forum.
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