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July 27, 2010, 09:36:47 PM
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Hi all,

Just want you all to know that I've had a great time with my WDTV. I compiled my linuxdriver and learned a lot from that.
At the same time, I never got really satisfied with the missing options. It kept ennoying me.

- not all subtitleformats are supported. I would also want support for .ssa, .sub, vobsub, ....
- subtitles cannot shift to the " right or left " if the subtitle was meant for another release of a movie/series
- if an .avi is renamed .wmv or whatever other combination, then the wdtv gives up and says it cannot play it.
- not all codecs are supported. The most important are, but of all my downloaded videos, there are lots I cannot play.
If video or audio is not working (only one of them), then watching it is not an option anymore..
- fast forward on the wdtv keeps ennoying me. It does work, but other developers of mediaplayers have worked harder on creating a nicer way of fastforwarding. hard to explain what I mean exactly
- after a power off, I want the wdtv still to remember where I stopped watching movies.
- 2 usbconnections are not enough for me. 3 of my usbhubs (different models) did not give the wished for/confusing results
- I want it to remember the last "path". So if I watched a movie in /movies/A-E/Discovery Channel/, I want next time I click movies (after a reboot, or shutdown), it to go to A-E (just select it, not click it yet), and then one level lower, to the other items in the path that I clicked last. This is handy when you want to resume watching a movie.
- ...

I used to have a xbox1, 750Gb hdd, dedicated as mediaplayer, with remote control, and it could do all the above (and more..), but NO HD of course.

I missed that so much, so I decided to change the wdtv in "a bedroom mediaplayer", and installed a laptop with OSX, and Plex (XBMC for OSX).
I found the original "mayhem 3" skin, so its all like it used to be in the good old xbox1 period, but now with HD support.

It is nice that you can send in "wishes" for the wdtv, but if the developers do not make a new firmware release now and then, I am no longer interested.

Well it's a cheap solution to play hd movies, and it is certainly worth its money, but not what I hoped for. Maybe I'll give it to my dad.

In the future I expect to buy a small minicomputer, or a minimac, and then change it into low energy mediaplayer, with all the options I need in it!
For now, I keep using my Plex "XBMC". I love it :P

friendly greetings,

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