Author Topic: Checkboxes to keep track of which files that has been played  (Read 1094 times)

July 23, 2010, 08:25:20 AM
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Let me just say that WDTV Live is a wonderful product! Thanks to all that have made it possible.

I always use list mode, and a feature that I'll say would be awesome is the ability to let WDTV keep track of which items that has been seen, and which that has not been seen.

Imagine something like this:
  • each item in the list get a checkbox to the right. Alternatively the icon itself could be used - when checked/ticked, a green V could be displayed on top of the icon
  • ticking/unticking is done by selecting an item and pressing the STOP-button on the remote, a button which currently is of no use when browsing through media folders
  • if an item has been played completely, it will get auto-ticked
  • when opening a folder, the first unchecked item will be selected - no more scrolling down to the 13th item
  • the name of played (checked) items may be written in gray/italic, while unplayed/unchecked items is written in white/normal as today
  • if a folder has, let's say, 6 out of 10 items checked, there could be some kind of "progress bar" shown behind the name of the folder, implying that 60% of it has been seen

I've taken a WDTV-screenshot from the internet and added checkboxes to visualize what I'm trying to tell. I've displayed both methods, both a checkbox to the right, and a tick-mark above the icon - but I'm of course only requesting one of them.
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July 23, 2010, 09:30:50 AM
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Good call, I had thought of much the same sort of thing, but was not too concerned as the unit does everything that I need it to.

This would be especially handy for all of those season DVDs that you watch from start to finish and are not sure where you are up to.

I suppose if needed they could specify a USB key where index could be stored (well cheap now) other than where the firmware is stored  as a requirement.

Lets hope.


July 23, 2010, 09:43:11 AM
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There is a plugin that works on the custom firmware that does this.  Not sure the link but you might want to look in the HomeBrew.

UPDATE:  I just found it.  Not on this forum.  Check here
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