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WDTV LIVE Firmware Update 1.03.35 New ***

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FYI :)

Source: http://community.wdc.com/t5/Firmware/WD-TV-Live-Firmware-Version-103-35-Pre-releas-e-Update-7-14-10/td-p/33132

WD TV Live Firmware Pre-release Update:  http://www.wdc.com/wdtvlive_prerelease/

Firmeware doesn't seem to be there jet

MOD:  Thank you for posting this Foofighter :)

Oh goodie.  I was starting to think they had quit on us.  Nice to see they are following up with more beta.  Hopefuly soon the final will be here.

It is out now. 

--- Quote ---Resolved issues:

Resolved MP4 problems with seeking and audio stopping.

Resolved MP4 poor frame-rate and audio out of sync.

Resolved File Share group name No longer requires all group names to be the same. (Reset
to factory defaults required)

Resolved various user interface translation issues.

--- End quote ---

it's the first time that I was able to watch revision3 stuff in .mp4 format without any issues *great*

Not much to show for in this release but the MP4 improvements alone are well worth this update.


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