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July 10, 2010, 03:30:25 PM
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Hey guys, i have the 1st gen WDTV player, love it, but i have one big problem that i can't seem to avoid. I've searched on this forum and others, and God help me i even tried start -> run commands!

ok here's the deal! I want to be able to watch/hear mkvs with subtitles. Problem is I can't hear DTS/5.1 sound because i've a crap surround system. So i see the video, and the subs, but no sound. I need some way to downgrade the audio in the mkv to 2.1 or AC3 or something that'll play!

MKV2Vob downgrades (i don't know the proper term) the audio to something i can hear, but even with the subs option checked, it doesn't display subs. I'm left with an mpg without subs. Same with GOTSent. Is it my PC? I did download both programs within the last few months.

Is there any way to downgrade the audio, keeping it in the MKV format? Or getting subtitles to play with an mpg? I'm stumped, fellas. I'm currently trying to convert the audio to mp3 to see if I can mux it. Pathetic, eh? :D

So to sum up, how can i either :
.) change a "DTS" mkv to a "AAC" mkv?
.) add subtitles to an mpg that'll work on the WDTV or PS3

Please help this noob out!

by the way, i'm trying to watch Hero aka Ying xiong (2002)
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July 10, 2010, 05:53:22 PM
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my default answer for formats I don't use much MKV is try handbrake, it will probably do what you want

in general here's what you need to do
demux = extract video,audio,subtitles from you MKV into separate files
convert = DTS to AC3, etc I've done this plenty of times with EAC3to and more gui
remux = combine new audio file with video & subtitle files into a container such as MKV or etc

my favorite demux/remux program is tsmuxer, but it doesn't do MKV, the only MKV program I use is makeMKV which will not do what you want
so I'm back to try handbrake, I'd be surprised if it doesn't work and it might even do the audio in 1 step without demux/remux, as for the audio conversion, EAC3to is a sure bet, but you need to demux your file first


July 14, 2010, 09:46:47 AM
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All great suggestions, KAD!

The MKV program you'll need for the demux/remux is MKVtoolnix, which includes MKVmergeGUI, and MKVextract which you'll have to get a gui for (google mkvextractgui).

If you just want to watch on PS3, use tsMuxeR and set output to "M2TS muxing" . Make sure all the audio/subs you want are checked and if the number next to the "Change level" box is 5.1, put a check in the box and type in 4.1 otherwise just leave it un-checked. Then hit "Start muxing".
You can leave the DTS since PS3 will downmix it for you. Not sure if PS3 does so by default since I have a DTS-capable receiver but I know it can be set to.

Sorry, this was wrong. You can get soft subs on PS3 by muxing to AVCHD but there are lots of limitations.
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