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July 03, 2010, 10:01:59 PM
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So i've had my WDTV Live for a while now, and I've been reading and reading and im still having a hard time figuring some things out.  I have well over 700 movies in my collection with about twice as many tv show episodes to creep through and I like the idea of B-Rad's firmware

My questions are, Is B-rad's firmware just a change in the programming or is it a new UI as well.

Is an OSD a UI?  And do I install that on top of B-Rad?

and the movie sheets, from the pics that i've been seeing, is that another UI or does it install on top of everything else? 

I havent been able to find anything that ties these things together, Im not a programmer by any means but I am capable of doing small things so long as I can find the information needed, and thats what Im having trouble with.

This all seems with in my realm of expertise but again, finding the right information seems very difficult, especially since it seems to be very common.  Maybe im just not understanding the process or the correct terms to search for.  Im hoping to get some help!


July 03, 2010, 10:52:33 PM
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B-rad's firmware is the same has the official firmware PLUS a bunch of things
like the possibility of making "Network Shares" being seen has a local hard drive on the WDTV
MovieSheets, the possibility of telnet or FTP into the WDTV
and most importantly the possibility of modding everything else and adding custom applications

OSD is the "On Screen Display" , not exactly the User interface, but more like how the user interface is shown to the user... Somme modder have created brand new, cool looking OSD, Psycho and lilibabe, just to name two...

Has for custom apps, they add functionnality to the WDTV, if the app is good and stable it might get added to the firmware.
WDTVExt is one of them, it basicaly let you code some "plugins" in php that modifies the user interface, like adding new menus, or adding funtionnality like MediaMark, MediaNavigation or the new MovieSheets plugins

all of those new thing are added "over" the firmware, most of the time by putting the OSD or App in the root of a USB drive that will be plugged in to the WDTV all the time, This is because the WDTV "memory" has very limited space and is "read only" with only a smal section of it being R/W. and you need the spacce to store the new OSD or Application you would be using... unless they are integrated in the Firmware...

Go here is you want more info: